Youth Hair Cream

Youth Hair Cream 8oz

  • No sudden changes - Youthair blends away gray hair gradually
  • No smells, no mess, no gloves, and no bother
  • Works effectively on any color hair

You don't have to color your hair in order to have it look youthful. No More Gray Youthair Creme is a color rejuvenator and hair conditioning treatment designed to blend away gray and restore your natural color on a gradual basis.


Youthair Creme is currently used by thousands upon thousands of men and women worldwide to make them look and feel younger. Youthair crème is applied directly to your hair. Youthair provides a similar acting pigment, to substitute for the loss of melanin, that combines with the hair's protein to restore your own natural color.


Not only does it restore your hair's own natural color, it also provides all of the following. It improves manageability, as it doubles as a mousse giving your hair control. It increases the thickness and softness. It combats dryness, flyaway, and brittle hair as well. It even protects against extreme weather, heat styling, and harsh shampoos.


Youthair Creme will not wash or shower out, it will not come out when you swim or sweat, nor will it rub off, because it will be your own natural color. The hair color you were born with. Simply apply daily for the first two to three weeks as your natural hair color returns.


Then, once you've regained as much of your natural color as desired, you need only apply once or twice weekly to maintain the color you want. It's that simple!