List of products by brand ORS

Organic Root Stimulator™ products were conceived, developed and marketed by Namasté Laboratories, LLC. Namasté is a Hindi term which means "to bow to the divinity within." At Namasté Labs they interpret that to mean "to serve the beauty within," which is accomplished through a new and exciting hair care system—Organic Root Stimulator™—that gets to the root of healthy hair. Utilizing a ground-breaking approach that successfully integrates scientific research and herbal remedies from nature's garden, Namasté has developed a unique product line that responds to consumer demand for natural products that really work. It is a superior quality therapeutic hair care system that gets below the surface and naturally restores hair and scalp damaged by medication, hereditary conditions and health problems, as well as damage caused by perms, blow drying and braids. Hair and scalp are revitalized to a healthy, wholesome condition.